Smart Locker Selling Points for Students

Smart Locker

This technology permits less mail centers, as having direct access to packages that do not require waiting and the possibility for students to collect their packages at any time during the 36-hour time frame.

 Students are notified via email whenever they receive a parcel. And make use of the barcode or enter the code that was sent in the email to access the locker. In the past, students had to visit the mailbox during business hours to pick up their packages or mail.

How Mailroom is Beneficial?

Today, companies which have invested in mailrooms obtain valuable benefits by managing these departments effectively.

As a communications hub, the university mailroom carries important responsibilities for receiving, sorting, and processing incoming letters and packages. Also in some businesses, the mailroom staff performs an important marketing role by supporting organized direct mail campaigns. Some enterprises rely on the mailroom staff to help fulfill orders. While a growing number of enterprises have contracted out some of these functions during recent years, numerous businesses across North America still maintain large, busy, company mailrooms.

Selling points of Smart Locker

  • Promote the availability of 24/7 on-demand services

Today’s students demand on-demand services. isn’t a choice but a necessity. Smart lockers let your school or university to offer new services that don’t need 24/7 staffing. They can be used for student parcel deliveries and purchases at the bookstore, or for IT services, this 24/7 access allows students to have the flexibility and freedom they enjoy off campus and would like to be able to access on campus.

Every aspect is important when your school competes for top enrollment and parental contributions. Moreover, giving faculty and students access to 24/7, on-demand services that help them live their lives on campus is an attractive selling feature.

  • Encourage a fully hybrid campus

College life isn’t only confined to campus. Around 41% of college students enroll in college on the internet, and many of them are being on campus. Additionally, you have students from other backgrounds traveling to class, non-degree faculty who teach at multiple institutions and professors who deliver lectures remotely. Also, add a sudden shut downs like the ones we have seen in the last two years and the importance of an encrypted, secure method to share technology as well as books as well as other educational materials is evident.

There’s a different way of looking at it also There’s a way to look at it. However, you already have your own hybrid school. You only need to make it more effective and make it more visible with an innovative locker solution.

  • Promote health and safety procedures

Parents are naturally concerned about the prospect of letting their children out to this world, for the first time. Also their rooms comfortable? Do they have a healthy diet? How about security on campus?


There’s an additional concern: security and health guidelines. Universities and colleges that offer smart lockers can reduce some of the anxiety. The ability to have pickup and delivery that is completely contactless solution which takes safety, health as well as social distance into consideration will assure parents that you are taking the concerns of your children seriously and will make every effort to address them.

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