Pink gold Acrylic dip glitter powder is the main color this year!


I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time, and after talking to her, I found out that she was wearing pink nail polish! As a good friend for more than a decade, I had to mock her twosentences to set aside that I am not as pretentious as she is. But I have to admit that Rose Goldstill looks great! 

Whether it’s furniture or weddings, or even cell phones (I once laughed at Steve Jobs’ rose goldbut couldn’t resist buying it), Rose Gold can make them look girly and elegant! 

How can we not be impressed by such a beautiful Rose Gold? Who can’t be impressed?Good-looking? Want it? Then let’s buy it! 

YSL Savage Pink If you want less pink and more golden tones, this is definitely a good choice for YSL. The star sand inside is sufficient, on the hand, for a few seconds to become a frosted texture. The glossy feeling is very good, and it is a very low-key kind of flash.

The galglitter polarized color from 16 years fires to 22 years. How can not come a bottle of RoseGold polarized color acrylic dip glitter powder it? galglitter this color number for rage rose goldis a perfect choice. This glitter is not by the sequins inside; more is the texture of the acrylic dipglitter powder itself, resulting in bright pink polarized light. 

Essie Penny talks As a representative of the good value for money acrylic dip glitter powder, Essiedoes not miss it. The price of less than 80rmb, and good to apply, dry quickly, the color is alsovery positive. Penny talks about this color number of peach pink gold is really beautiful. 

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OPI makes him mine. The previous ones are not shiny enough. The first of these is the one that you can use to make him mine, but you can’t make him yours without catching his eye. 

China galglitter is this rose gold acrylic dip glitter powder. After applying almost invisible sequins, completely nail liquid into one, revealing a beautiful sense of shine. The acrylic dip glitter powder also contains an exclusive patented nail care ingredient, which is good for delicate nails. 

Nars pastorale This is a new color that came out 16 years. The perfect rose gold color, the brushhead is relatively flat and very good on the hand. It will not show hand black, oh, the color is very positive, can say no color difference. After drying out is the kind of very glossy rose gold. 

One coat is very pigmented! Ducato “natural acrylic dip glitter powder” is a slightly sour andsweet color for Japanese girls. 

“Ducato” color is super cute and colorful!

Brand: Ducato name: natural glitter / natural moist acrylic dip glitter powder original name: ナチュラルネイルカラー

“Ducato” is a very famous Japanese open shelf acrylic dip glitter powder brand, the price is not high, and the brush head is a very good brush, the line a layer of very even color, the line twolayers of color more saturated! “Whether you like nude, pink, macaroon or bright colors, shiny or non-shiny powder, basic or show personal style, Ducato can meet all kinds of color preferences and needs. The most amazing thing is that Ducato often launches the most popular newcolors according to the season or special events, and the acrylic dip glitter powder can be simple andfashionable! 

Salon grade full color: Genish Manicure “3 in 1 quick drying acrylic dip glitter powder.”

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