How to Improve Vocabulary for a Higher IELTS Score?

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Higher IELTS Score

Flexible use of a wide range of vocabulary is essential for IELTS because it accounts for 25% of your total score on writing and speaking tests. Before going for IELTS exam, first know about how to improve vocabulary for higher IELTS score. Examiners evaluate your ability to use a wide range of appropriate words and to use those words accurately.

For example, when grading your IELTS writing assignment, the examiner looks at four key criteria: “job response, coherence and coherence, lexical source, and range and grammatical accuracy.” If you look closely at the criteria of “lexical sources”, you will see that the score of your IELTS writing group depends to some extent on the range of words you use.

Vocabulary in IELTS Exam

Vocabulary is also important in your reading and listening tests to understand words as you hear or read them. Good IELTS vocabulary is especially important for those candidates who want to reach band six or higher.

Here in this article, I will teach you everything you need to know about IELTS vocabulary so that you can improve your skills and get the grade you need.

The First Step

The first step is to expand your vocabulary. Reading and listening to excellent sources is an immense way to start. Choose your favorite magazine, book, TV show, radio show, YouTube series or podcast. People usually learn more effectively when they enjoy what they do, so do not choose something boring! Doing so will generally improve your reading, listening and vocabulary skills, which will be beneficial to you in the long run.

But reading and listening, both of these sources is only half the main story. Read / watch / listen to whatever you choose, and choose words and phrases you do not understand. Try to guess their meaning from context. Once you’ve guessed, look up new words in the dictionary. Then write down one or two example sentences, combinations, synonyms, antonyms, and pronunciations next to each word in a notebook.

The most important step that helps you understand the meaning of these words is to review them. So review the new words after a week, two weeks and then a month. Practice using them in one sentence.

Follow this simple routine five days a week and in just one month you will have more than 300 new words in your notebook.

Next step: Collections

The ability to use collocates correctly when speaking or writing on the IELTS test is crucial, and your skills are what the examiner is looking for. For example, you can read in IELTS General Bands for an IELTS Band 7 for Vocabulary Resources (Vocabulary):

“Uses fewer usual grammatical items with knowledge of style and arrangement.”

Therefore, to achieve band 7 in this criterion, not only do you have to use fewer common words, but you also need to show that you know what other words these fewer common words are frequently used with.

Therefore, you should try not to learn new words alone. Instead, you need to see what other words combine with the new word you are learning. For example, here are some common verb combinations that you may encounter every day:

  1. For colds / bus / flies
  2. To create a bed / money / noise
  3. To do homework / shopping / nothing.
  4. To be late / on time / to a decision

As I said, learning words this way is much more effective than learning them alone. If you learn the words on your own, you will make mistakes when using them in prone sentences.

Last thing: Idioms

Terms are also very important for achieving a better band score, especially in Speaking IELTS. It is very difficult for non-native English speakers to use the terms correctly because they are phrases that do not have the apparent meaning of real words. However, since they are very common in English and give you a chance to get higher bandwidth points, so you need to learn how to use them. Note that if you do not use them properly or try to use them because of it, it can make your speaking voice worse and even lower your group score.

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