5 Essential Equipment to Level Up Cinematic Effects of Your Music Video

Music has revolutionized through the introduction of music videos and audio visual equipement. Celebrities and aspiring internet stars get creative and strengthen the lyrics with meaningful illustrations. They have been communicating the underlying meaning through plots, props, and lighting in the video since the launch of YouTube. These factors and many others grasp the attention of the audience.

Today, plenty of options are available that assist in yielding professional results, even at a low to mid-range price. With the right equipment, you can make high-quality video content. Then you need to contact a credible LED screen, as watching your work on a bigger screen is a treat.

Here, we have created a list of equipment that you will require to shoot your music video:

Camera and audio visual equipement

The camera is the most important tool in making a music video. You can make compromises on other things, but not on a camera because it may make or break your smart music video. If you can’t afford a high-priced video camera, try renting one.

Ideally, it would be best to have many cameras to capture a scene from various perspectives. For example, many internet video artists and filmmakers utilize DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, which have excellent quality. The majority of these cameras can shoot in 4K resolution. Some can capture videos in 6K and even 8K resolution. You may use mirrorless cameras and a drone to capture dramatic sequences in your film.

A good camera produces high-quality footage and makes the director’s job easier. Most current video cameras include artificial intelligence that adjusts specific settings based on the environment.


No one wants to make a shaky video. Unless you are shooting the content from a single spot, you need to invest in a tripod stand.

Generally, shooting a music video from different angles and carrying a camera can be daunting. You need to keep the camera stable, and therefore you need a tripod. Placing the camera on a tripod will make the filming task easier for you. It will also give you the room to bring out your creativity. Moreover, modern tripods offer 360o pan movement and adjustable legs. It helps you to move around comfortably while filming.

Video Lighting Kit

Good lighting is necessary for creating an impactful music video. It can also make a massive difference in the final quality of the video. If you have ever watched a video of a poorly lit interviewee, you know how distracting it is.

It is not simple to get your lighting just perfect audio visual. Different forms of light, foreground and background lighting, shadows, and equipment must be considered. Such equipment may be costly. If you are just a beginner, a reflector might help you use available light. It’s simply a matter of having it set up right to reflect light.

A music video necessitates shooting in various settings, and flexible lighting gear aids in this process. LED lighting fixtures, hot-shoe mount adapters, 360┬░swivels, and power supply should all be included in your lighting package. With a nice lighting kit, you can play around with your ideas a little more audio visual by adjusting the intensity of the light.


If the signer is not singing live, you require speakers to play background music during a video shoot. The background music will help the singer to lip-sync properly. The power of the speakers depends on the location where you are shooting the video content.

For instance, you need big and powerful speakers for outdoor filming. In contrast, average-sized ones are suitable for indoor shooting audio visual. Portable and waterproof speakers with numerous connectivities are also a favorable option.

Video Editing Software

Post-production of a music video is as important as the production process itself. You have an opportunity to rectify all the errors made during shooting through video editing software. If you do not have access to a professional editor, go for reliable software with good quality results that also provide audio visual. It will refine your video as well as clean the audio.

You can increase or decrease the length using advanced features such as trimming, color correcting and different effects to give it a cinematic look. Also, editing your vocal pauses and inserting text is a good technique to transform your video into pro-quality.


Your music video will amaze everyone once it broadcasts if you effectively utilize video production. The best audio visual equipment will help you find quality equipment at a reasonable price. Once you have everything, let the creativity flow! It is time for the world to acknowledge the next generation of competent filmmakers.

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